If you’re crazy enough to go shopping at the mall on Black Friday, you’re probably going to need a pretty stiff drink at the end of it. Between massive crowds, far away parking spot searches, and the occasional fist fight, it’s a day that demands you stop at some point to imbibe an alcoholic beverage or three in order to make peace with what you’ve put yourself through.

TGI Friday’s knows this because they’re usually found inside or close to the mall and they’re ready for you. In honor of the consumerism holiday, the restaurant chain is releasing a limited edition specialty cocktail that looks very on target with the literal name of the day. The drink, dubbed the Black Friday, is an all-black boozy beverage garnished with slices of orange and lemon. The inky blackness is courtesy of activated charcoal, which mixed with the drink mix to create the dense, foreboding¬†beverage that will haunt your soul while also making you feel all tingly.

Upon sipping, you might notice that the Black Friday tastes a heckuva lot like a Long Island Iced Tea and that’s probably because it essentially is one. Just with charcoal in it. In a way, that’s the perfect metaphor for the day. You go into it hoping to find something amazing, you’re dazzled by all the bells and whistles, but in the end, you’re left with the same product you could’ve gotten any other day.

At least it’ll only run you $5. You’ll have to show up on Friday, Nov. 24 through Sunday, Nov. 26 at a participating Friday’s in order to get the drink. Otherwise, you’re stuck drinking a regular Long Island Iced Tea, and where’s the fun in that?


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