It’s not often that a team riding a high crest of success will do something that’s fan friendly and not designed to extract every cent from your wallet, but the NFC Champion Carolina Panthers are doing just that. You can now go to a Panthers game starting this coming season and get free refills of Pepsi drinks for the entire game.

The Panthers tested the all-you-can-drink model last season and heard nothing but positive comments on the change, said Scott Paul, the Panthers’ executive director of stadium operations.

“The Pepsi dispensers take up a ton of space in our concession stands, so we asked the question, ‘What if we were to take those out and do an all-you-can-drink station?'” Paul said. “We tested it last year for a couple games and the fans loved it. We’ve got 12 of those on the 500 level. That allowed us to pick up 134 more points-of-sale and that’s going to get people through lines quicker and back out to support the team in the seating bowl.”

Okay, so it wasn’t completely altruistic of them, but it’s still a nice little thing to get free Pepsi at a football stadium. One would hope that one of those soda dispensers can survive a tough loss to the Saints, but I guess we’ll find out soon.

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