Toblerone bar

Toblerone is a Swiss chocolate bar known for its hints of honey and almond nougat inside its individual little ridges.

Twin Peaks is a British chocolate bar created by a British grocery chain that tastes very similar (it’s also an incredible TV show created by David Lynch, but that isn’t relevant here). The big difference, however, is that the ridges are cut into “Vs” along each peak, hence the name.

While the two chocolate bars are very similar, there is one big difference between the two –  one is a ripoff of the other. Toblerone is the original candy bar, and is fighting off Twin Peaks as a so-called copycat that stole its design.

Mondelez owns and produces Toblerone and when it was notified of the British copycat, it took Twin Peaks producer Poundland to court. Poundland’s argument for copying the famous Toblerone was that the original bar lost its trademark after a recent redesign. Mondelez responded by saying Toblerone is “one of the most loved, unique, best-value Swiss-made chocolate products in the world,” according to Eater.

If that was their entire argument, that’s a pretty bad argument. But the war didn’t end there, as Mondelez continued to argue that the copycat Twin Peaks bar was infringing on their Toblerone trademark. After almost three months of battling in a courtroom, the two chocolate companies reached an agreement.

Poundland could continue making Twin Peaks as long as it wrapped the bar in its blue packaging with gold lettering so that customers don’t confuse it with the gold wrapped and red lettered Toblerone bars.

At the end of the day, its not like Twin Peaks is outselling Toblerone all over the world. The British chocolate bar is only sold in around 900 stores in the United Kingdom, compared to Toblerone, which is sold all over the world.

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