The aftermath of a train hitting a truck and creating a smell of bacon.

A train crash into a stalled semi-truck led to quite the food bounty for some in Lakeland, Florida.

The truck stalled on the tracks, and the driver got out and then tried to warn railway CSX by phone, but wasn’t in time before a train smashed into the truck early Wednesday morning and split it in half, spilling frozen food everywhere and creating a smell of bacon. The company expecting delivery said they no longer wanted the spilt food, so local officials allowed residents to grab it themselves before reopening the tracks, as Tampa’s Fox 13 reports:

The crash left behind scattered boxes of frozen food, among them meats such as beef and seafood. Both halves of the semi have since been removed. Now, officials are attempting to clean up the mess.

The company, Colorado Meat and Seafood Company, said they no longer wanted the food. CSX employees began cleaning up and tossing packages into a nearby dumpster, and while that was happening, groups of people began showing up to retrieve the food for themselves.

“People are hungry,” said Jessie Woulard. “Some people are so hungry they’ll wash it off. Everybody needs something. It’s Christmas.”

Authorities allowed it for at least an hour, before CSX employees said the area needed to be cleared in order to reopen the train tracks.

Here’s a look at the scene,  with anchor Alcides Segui’s comments on the smell:

And here’s a video report from Fox 13:

That’s quite the situation. It’s fortunate that no one was hurt, and it’s good that some of the food was able to be used instead of going to waste. (And hey, you can say the meat’s literally fresh off the truck.)

But the smell of bacon could be a negative; if you like bacon, that might make you crave it (or eventually make you sick of it), and if you don’t like it, you’re really in trouble.

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