Sometimes the internet brings people together for the best possible reasons. Like a year of free chicken nuggets.

True to his Twitter bio, random Nevadan Carter Wilkinson likes chicken nuggets. So this next tweet made perfect sense:

And Wendy’s actually responded!

That response came quickly, too. One minute later in fact. Which makes me wonder if some social media manager is going to get blasted for potentially giving away a year’s worth of nuggets for free. But…four nuggets at Wendy’s go for $0.99. So a year’s supply is definitely worth less than a thousand bucks, and probably way less — maybe even a hundred. So maybe that social media manager get a promotion if and when Wendy’s more than makes up for it in positive publicity (and in Twitter followers).

Either way, Wilkerson accepted the challenge.

And now my man Carter has more than 700,000 retweets!

That’s hilarious that this nugget Twitter campaign has taken off — I’m sure Joel Embiid would be proud — but unfortunately he’s still more than 17 million shy of his target.

But maybe, just maybe, Wendy’s has already seen enough.

Give the man his nuggets!

Wilkerson’s Twitter bio says he also likes tacos. So watch out, Taco Bell. You may be next.


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