America, the land where the question “Should we deep fry this?” is always answered with a resounding yes.

Hostess has agreed to a one-year deal with Walmart, to sell a new variation of their ever-popular, nuclear-explosion surviving Twinkies cakes. The new flavor? Deep fried Twinkies. If you’ve ever wondered how the sugary treats could be worse for you, here’s your answer.

Twinkies may be awful for you, but deep frying them does sound like it has serious potential to be very tasty. These aren’t normal, pop em’ out of the box and devour them immediately Twinkies. To emulate deep fried Twinkies at state fairs, according to Grubstreet, the product will have to be reheated to give it a crispy, warm taste. So, at least they’re trying something new with the deep-fried variation.

It’s no surprise Hostess has come up with pre-packaged deep fried Twinkies as it gives Americans the best of both worlds in the unhealthy snack category. Twinkies are a staple across the country as a quick and delicious snack. A deep fried version is merely the next logical step.

There’s even a chocolate version because of course there is.

If I had to guess, the next version of the Twinkie will not only be deep fried but instead of the cream filling in the middle, it will just be pure butter. Let’s raise the bar one more time and make the Twinkies even unhealthier. Hostess won’t mind.


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