A Casper, Wyoming man who was recently arrested after a police pursuit said that he was trying to set the record time for a Jimmy John’s delivery.

Austin Lawrence Wegner was arrested on “recommended charges of eluding, reckless driving, driving with a suspended license and parking in a handicap area.”

Here’s more, from LaramieLive.Com:

Wegner turned into an apartment complex parking lot, turned off his lights and sped up after the trooper attempted to stop him. Court documents say Wegner “cut several turns short” and jumped multiple curbs.

The trooper briefly lost sight of Wegner before spotting him parked in the 600 block of Andrea Lane.

Wegner allegedly got out of the vehicle and took off running for roughly 20 feet before walking. He was then arrested without incident.

When questioned by police, Wegner said that he was going for a “record time” with the Jimmy John’s delivery, and police indeed found “several” Jimmy John’s sandwiches in the vehicle. However, LaramieLive notes that the arresting documents had no mention of Wegner actually being a delivery driver for Jimmy John’s.

If you’ve been to Wyoming, you know that it can be difficult to find ways to have fun. Maybe Wegner was actually a Jimmy John’s delivery driver and truly going for a “Freaky Fast” record, and it’s hard to fault someone too much for trying to make the most of the unglamorous life as a Jimmy John’s delivery driver. Maybe he’s just a very bored dude in Wyoming, trying to entertain himself.

And if the Jimmy John’s record delivery time explanation is a lie, we’ll at least give him some creativity points for the reasoning (though it seems the cops may not).

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