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Although Missouri is sandwiched between two states where it’s legal to bet on sports, Republicans in the Senate failed to pass a measure that would have legalized it in the state on Friday. In response, two Missouri sports teams may plan to try and get the sports betting bill through for the statewide ballot in 2024.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the Kansas City Royals and St. Louis Cardinals of Major League Baseball may join forces in the hopes of getting the bill passed. According to Kurt Erickson, the teams might collect signatures in order to get the issue back on the ballot next year in the entire state of Missouri.

The bill’s sponsor, according to the Post-Dispatch, set the measure aside and did not debate it. So it effectively concluded the measure and its stay in the Missouri Senate.

Illinois and Kansas, states that border Missouri on the east and west sides have both legalized sports betting. If you live in St. Louis, the border isn’t too far, and the same can be said for if you live in Kansas City, Missouri. Nevertheless, with that in mind, hopefuls will probably have to wait again before a bill can get approved.

The bill has struggled to go through the state after several tries over the last few years. Even as sports betting becomes more accepted, Missouri is still lagging behind. But perhaps the Cardinals and Royals can align like the Mega Powers and get it on the ballot next year.

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