Jacksonville Jaguars fan Colby King with his Trevor Lawrence sign

Up 27-0 in the first half, it seemed like a pretty obvious bet that the Los Angeles Chargers were going to defeat the Jacksonville Jaguars in their NFL Playoffs game on Saturday night. However, the Jaguars pulled off a historic comeback while the Chargers imploded, leading to an extremely brutal lost bet from one gambler.

Even though Al Michaels didn’t sound terribly impressed, Jacksonville truly bucked history and all common sense Saturday night, defeating Los Angeles 31-30 with a last-second field goal to complete their epic comeback.

However, back when the Chargers were up 27-0, one high roller decided to make a little chump change with a pretty easy bet. According to Action Network’s Darren Rovell, a bettor placed $1 million on LA to complete the obvious victory, which would have netted them $11,200.

It’s not clear why someone who has a million dollars to burn needed to risk it to make a little over $10K but that kind of hubris came back to bite them when the Jags made history.

As you might imagine, the schadenfreude was off the charts around the NFL world as people reacted to this insane bet and its even more insane outcome.

“I think this is the worst bet I have ever seen and not just because it lost,” said Terry Gomez.

“Anybody betting against a Black Swan event in Jacksonville wasn’t heavily loaded with Florida real estate in 2007,” said Sports Radio 610’s Seth C. Payne.

“Look if people are going to be allowed to make bets like this they should have to write short essays justifying them that can be read by the public,” said Ryan Nanni.

“lmao this was 1000% money laundering and Brandon Staley may actually be in danger,” said The Smoking Musket.

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