COVID-19 has not only left every human being on the face of the planet terrified about their lives but also their livelihood. Millions around the world have already lost their job, and a million more have made their peace with their pay cuts. Industries are shutting down like it is no big deal and shows no promise to open up in the near future. Organizations, mainly those of the small-scale ones, have run out of business due to their financial inability to absorb this major shock. The pandemic has put the future of every industry at stakes and lives in jeopardy. And speaking of industries going out of business, one major industry to have received a shock is that of the casino industry. The casino industry is a million-dollar industry and has all the means to absorb such a shock for a considerable period of time. But, even with all the financial stability and momentum acquired over ages, the industry has found itself in quite a dicey situation. Land-based casinos have shut down for an unforeseeable future. The only flicker of hope resides in the online casinos. And once the wave of the pandemic goes over us, it is immensely important for these casinos to follow their exit strategy and bounce back stronger.

Land-Based Casinos Might Have to Work with Half of their Staff and On Rotation:

Offices have devised a method of reopening with ten to fifteen per cent of staff reporting to work every day, and in rotations. However, with land-based casinos, where there are multiple departments to tend to under the same roof, working with fifty per cent of staff might be the new normal. There are not many options in this regard, and land-based casino owners have to make their peace with the fact. Plus, this fifty per cent might even have to work in rotations and whatever seems fit at that point of time.

Online Casinos Shall Continue to Be the Flavor of the Season:

Online casinos have acted as a welcome relief during this time and shall continue to do so in the future. According to the reports of a few recent surveys, gamblers have shown interest in online gambling and have hinted at the fact that they might want to continue their association with online gambling websites even after land-based casinos open up. No one wants to take any risk with their lives. And online casinos have all the games that a gambler would ever want to play and with several more added benefits, according to this trusted source for information. Therefore, it makes complete sense of gamblers would want to ditch land-based casinos and shift gears to online casinos forever.

Land-Based Casinos Might Have to Put a Cap on the Number of People Allowed on the Floor:

Just like land-based casinos would have to work with half the staff, they might also have to limit the number of people allowed to enter the floors every day in the week. This sounds a bit absurd given that casinos have always been known to be a melting pot of thousands of people from all walks of life. But the industry has to keep the safety and security of its customers before anything else in these testing times. People need to maintain the norms of social distancing beyond the pandemic, and there is no other alternative to the same. And this can only happen when casinos put a cap on the number of people allowed to enter the house at one slot. They might have to increase the number of slots, but this is the only shot at keeping the business afloat.

In a Nutshell:

The casino industry, just like any other industry, has received a major shock due to the pandemic. And though, the industry has also taken up all the measures to absorb the shock and stay in business; the losses are too grave to speak off. As such, the only hope is to start functioning in a calibrated manner and practice the norms of physical distancing months into the future. There is no specific time when the virus shall go back into nature, and that is why we must learn to leave alongside the virus and go about our lives.