Mattress Mack Mattress Mack won a record $75 million on the Astros winning the World Series.

When the Houston Astros clinched the World Series on Saturday night, the happiest person in Minute Maid Park wasn’t one of Houston’s players or even manager Dusty Baker, who finally earned a long-awaited championship. No, the happiest person in Houston was Jim McIngvale. Or, as he’s more commonly known — Mattress Mack.

Mattress Mack made some gigantic bets on the Astros to win it all. There were some tense moments throughout the series but ultimately, those bets paid off. And with it, Jim McIngvale earned a cool $75 million. So, we can’t exactly blame him for being extra happy upon seeing the Astros win the World Series again.

For some perspective, no bet — at least no legal bet — placed on sports has ever paid off to that degree.

Not only did Mattress Mack earn himself $75 million on Saturday night but he also got a lot of praise and congratulations for his big bet paying off so handsomely.

The Astros also let Mack be a part of the journey. He threw out the ceremonial first pitch before Saturday’s game got underway.

Given how well that turned out for all parties involved, we’re guessing that the Astros will happily invite Mattress Mack back to throw out more ceremonial first pitches in the future.

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