Mavericks swingman Reggie Bullock made a shot against the Warriors on Wednesday that meant nothing -- and a lot.

NBA fans got a rematch of last season’s Western Conference Finals on Wednesday, when the Dallas Mavericks hosted the Golden State Warriors.

Golden State came out on top, winning 127-125. And depending on your perspective, the game’s final play was either inconsequential — or the exact opposite.

With 1.1 seconds remaining, Kevon Looney made a pair of free throws, giving the Warriors a 127-122 lead. While those free throws effectively ended the game, the final second still needed to be played. And even though they weren’t going to win, the Mavericks called a time-out and advanced the ball into the frontcourt. Justin Holiday inbounded the ball to Reggie Bullock, who made a barely-contested three-pointer as time expired.

It meant nothing for the result of the game, at least not in the standings. Bullock’s three, however, meant that Golden State won by two points instead of five.

Given that the Warriors were 3.5-point favorites on Wednesday, that “meaningless” three might have loomed large for some people.

NBA fans had a lot to say about the last-second shot that was either a bad beat or a miracle win.

Interestingly, Wednesday’s win, coupled with Monday’s victory over the Houston Rockets, marks the first time that Golden State has won consecutive road games all season.

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