From horses to basketball, baseball, and football teams, bettors have infinite reasons to wager on their favorites—whether as a rookie bettor or a seasoned punter.

For baseball fans, nothing beats Major League Baseball (MLB). In 2019, MLB was voted the second most popular sport in the United States, with the National Football League earning the top spot, according to Statista. The research firm added that MLB revenues rose to USD$ 9.56 billion in 2021, with each team raking in USD$318.5 million.

Part of MLB’s appeal is that fans can follow and place wagers on their favorites, and predict game outcomes. If you’re hooked on the game and want to engage in MLB betting, start by having every game covered and understanding the betting landscape.          

The Vast MLB Betting Opportunities 

Baseball may have one of the lowest-scoring game models, but the MLB offers many betting opportunities. Bettors can guess the winning team for each of the 13 games played daily, the number of runs for every game, and predict the Most Valuable Player Award and other history-making sluggers through MLB Futures betting. 

This year’s MLB run formally opened last 07 April and is set to end on 05 October, according to the official MLB site. However, these dates are subject to changes, so it’s helpful to regularly check the site for updates.   

Wagering activities occur even before, during, and immediately after the season. And with about 2,400 baseball games played every season, there’s always room for improvement as you learn to boost your skills and experience.   

How Each MLB Betting Option Works 

There are three primary ways to bet on MLB betting beginners. Rookies can choose from:

  • Moneyline betting: This straightforward bet allows punters to place their bets on the winning team. It’s crucial to check the latest MLB team standings to get a glimpse of the strongest contenders.   

Bookmakers display the odds of a team winning a specific game. A negative sign indicates the group most likely to win, while a positive value determines underdogs. For instance, the currently leading team, New York Yankees, may display a Moneyline of -130 against the lower-ranked Boston Red Sox in a game, which, for example, has a +150 value. A bettor must place USD$130 on the Yankees to win USD$100. Conversely, a USD$100 winning bet on the Red Sox will give a bettor USD$150. 

  • Run line betting: Instead of relying on the scores to determine the winner, a run line MLB betting scheme takes excitement to a higher notch by letting punters bet on either team and predict the winning margin. This MLB betting option is also called point spreads. 

Going back to the earlier example, if the Yankees are -1.5 on the spread while the Red Sox are on +1.5, the former team must win by two runs for a winning wager. On the other hand, Red Sox must either lose by one game or win the match for bettors to earn the pot.   

  • Over/Under betting: This MLB betting option lifts its focus on the winners and instead aims to predict the number of runs scored in a baseball game. Bookmakers often estimate the total combined runs, and punters must choose whether the final score will go over or under the projected total value. 

Either option has accompanying odds, also known as vig or juice. For example, if the bookmaker assigns a wager of over/under seven, an ‘under’ bet would win if the total combined score is six or lower. Conversely, a winning ‘over’ bettor can only collect if the scores are eight or higher. If the total score lands at seven, the wagers are refunded.     

Other MLB Betting Options 

There are other betting options available for more experienced punters. If you feel confident about your skills in picking potential winners, predicting scores, and other aspects of the game, choose from any of the following MLB betting schemes for higher risks and payout:

  • Parlays: This type of advanced bet involves a combination of moneyline, over/under, and run line betting options. A winning parlay is only considered if all the conditions are met, making it a riskier but more rewarding option.    
  • Prop bets: This option involves predicting the outcomes for a specific team or individual players. For instance, a punter can make a winning guess on which team scores first, individual player performances, the exact scores for a specific team, or determine the scores for even and odd runs.
  • Innings results: Punters can also predict whether a run will be scored in the first inning in a betting scheme called ‘yes/no run first inning.’ Additionally, MLB fans can place their bets on the results of the first five inning odds, using the first three options discussed earlier.    
  • MLB futures betting: Futures betting appeals more to longtime fans and seasoned punters, as betting options rely more on a specific team or player’s historical performances, among other factors. For instance, a bettor can predict the league, division, and season winners, including the qualifying teams that will make it to the playoffs. Individually, punters can choose the upcoming MLB season’s top players and best pitchers even before it officially opens. 
  • Live in-game bets: This MLB wagering method allows punters to place their bets during the season run. For some, these opportunities contribute to making wiser decisions as odds often change compared to pre-game projections.  

Where To Place MLB Bets

Bettors can place their wagers online through sites and apps or in-person through brick-and-mortar bookmakers. Ensure the site is legitimate, reputable, and secure before parting with your cash. In addition, make sure that sports betting is allowed in your area to prevent potential issues.   

Wrapping Up

Sports betting contributes up to 40% of the global gambling revenues, owing to the vast wagering opportunities in games like baseball. As one of the most popular sports in the US and the world, it’s no surprise that MLB fans find wagering an exciting option.

Before placing bets, one must learn the basics of the game and study the team and individual performances. More importantly, they must explore the most common betting options discussed above to build their skills and, hopefully, their luck and pot money.