Gambling and betting enthusiasts are always on the hunt for new opportunities to take and markets to enter. The good news is that not only are you not alone in this pursuit, but you have your pick from many different podcasts designed specifically to help you on your journey. Sometimes the sheer number of options can be rather daunting, however, and many individuals feel paralyzed by the choice. 

That is where we come in. Our team enjoys gambling in general, be it strictly sports-related or more varied in scope, and we have a few podcast suggestions to help you find the perfect fit. From explaining the betting process to exploring some best practices to follow when wagering, our podcast recommendations are a great appetizer into the world of online betting. 

What to look for in a gambling podcast

Before we dive into podcast recommendations, take a moment to consider what sort of podcast might be right for your needs. Are you interested in learning a little bit about everything, or are you more interested in advanced tips about a single aspect of betting? There is no shortage of podcasts on the market and they all offer something unique to listeners. Consider giving a few of them a chance and whittling your daily or weekly playlists down once you have the opportunity to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each show and how they impact your betting needs.

  • Behind the Bets

Not all podcasts are created equal, but Behind the Bets sets the gold standard. Hosted by Doug Kezirian, famed gambling analyst from ESPN, the podcast is a great mix of practical tips, insider information, and engaging stories from professional gamblers and top-rated analysts alike. The focus on the podcast is loosely centered around Las Vegas gambling, however, the tips and tricks Kezirian and his guests impart are applicable across gambling niches.

From sports betting to casino games, Behind the Bets is a great choice for novices and gambling elites alike.

  • Sports Gambling Podcast Network

Is it cheating to add an entire podcast network to this list? Maybe, but we are willing to take our chances. Sports Gambling Podcast Network is an excellent resource to gamblers at all levels and features 10 shows with a variety of different focuses. Fans of golf, NBA, college sports, soccer, ICC T20Twenty World Cup Odds, and MMA betting, for example, will feel right at home with the Sports Gambling Podcast Network. So will enthusiasts of slightly less mainstream gambling and even fantasy sports.

Hosted by industry insiders Ryan Kramer and Sean Green, the podcasts are full of interesting and valuable information. From free picks to breaking sports market news and even a bit of humor here and there, Sports Gambling Podcast Network offers free podcasts with something for just about anyone. 

  • You Can Bet on That

For those interested in learning about the casino industry and all its varied ins and outs, You Can Bet on That is a guaranteed hit. This is another entry that offers information for a variety of different gambling topics such as blackjack, craps, sports betting, and casino slots, offering something to interest almost anyone in the industry. 

Dr. Mike and Mark DeVol host the podcast and are an invaluable part of its appeal. They might be quick with the self-deprecation, but the show wouldn’t be the same without their expertise and humor driving the conversation. They manage to make the podcast feel closer to a discussion between old friends than an impersonal radio show. The advice they offer is all the more valuable for the easy-to-accept tone with which it is offered. 

In addition to gambling tips and information, Mark and Mike have traveled between Atlantic City and Las Vegas to offer listeners a comprehensive overview of betting across the United States. 

  • Against All Odds

Against All Odds is a bit of a unique entry on our list. So far, we’ve focused mainly on podcasts that are primarily focused on more serious gambling information with offshoots of humor every now and then. Hosted by Cousin Sal, Against All Odds differs from this formula fairly significantly. There is still plenty of practical information to help hone your skills, however, the podcast emphasizes humor and engaging conversation first. 

You still learn plenty from the enigmatic host and his guests, but the ‘entertainment’ aspect of the industry is on firm display. The advice and information you receive varies – from entertaining tales of big wins and tragic losses set against Las Vegas’s glamorous nightlife. 

  • Bet the Board

Hosted by PayneInsider and Todd Fuhrman, a charismatic media guru, Bet the Board is an insightful podcast for fans of college football and the NFL. This includes the examination of micro and macro situations impacting the players and organizations as well as aspects such as player injuries, coaching, and matchups. 

Fans interested in valuable takes that are information-focused rather than opinion-driven will love this show.

  • Bang the Book

This podcast is perfect for more serious listeners. It is not the most overtly entertaining show, but it also doesn’t advertise itself as such. Instead, it focuses on in-depth strategy analysis that breaks down some of the tactics employed by profitable handicappers and renowned statisticians. 

The podcast is hosted by Adam Burke and includes an overview of the NFL, NHL, MLB, UFC, and NBA betting markets as well as profitable free picks. 

  • Gambling with an Edge

Hosted by professional gamblers and authors Richard Munchkin and Bob Dancer, Gambling with an Edge is a fun entry to close out this list. It is a lighthearted entry with engaging guests, interesting tips, and thorough advice in a variety of different betting categories.

With so many experienced professionals willing to impart their knowledge upon eager players, online gambling does not have to be a mystery. If none of our suggestions catch your fancy, don’t give up! There are many fantastic podcasts that would likely be perfect for your needs. It just takes a bit of research to get started.