For some reason, some horse tracks are still open for racing, despite the ongoing and ever-increasing threat of COVID-19.

That includes today’s races at Tampa Bay Downs, which is a real place and not the name of a seedy fictitious track in a horse racing-themed RPG that should absolutely exist. One horse today decided to protest that races were still going on (despite the broadcasters noting how the track is sanitized and workers are in masks, which is definitely the best use for masks right now.)

That horse was 4 horse, in yellow, and she was actually the 3/5 favorite for her race. She clearly had other plans (the action starts on the left side of the frame):

It’s the second getaway, where she trots back towards the camera and out of frame, that really sells it.

Unfortunately, due to technical limitations, we didn’t get to see where she went.

Thank you, Race 7 #4 horse at Tampa Bay Downs. We all needed that today.

[image: @CJZero]

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