Watching football is one thing but watching your team get down when there is money on it is an altogether different experience and one which we really enjoy. Whilst betting on football is fun, there is some serious money to be made if you are prepared to invest the time into this craft. This is not to say that you are going to hit the jackpot of course but a well thought out approach can certainly boost your chances of success. With that in mind we wanted to share some tips with you on how to approach football betting in order to increase your chances of winning.

Head Over Heart 

Whenever you make a selection it is vital that you do so based purely on the numbers and the information which you have at hand, and not based on what your heart tells you. There are teams which we love or loathe and betting on them can often influence the way in which we gamble. For the best results however you have to strip out all emotion and put your faith in the information which you have at your disposal.

Location, Location, Location 

The stadium where the game is being played makes an enormous difference to how the game plays out and it can often be a real leveler for both teams. Home field advantage is huge and this is something which you need to bear in mind before you place any bets. It is not just the home team who may benefit, some visiting teams have great records in other team’s stadiums which is why it is crucial that you study the history of the match up before putting your money down.


The reason why it is important to wait until the day before a game before placing any bets is that an injury could occur at any time which can completely transform the outcome of the game. QBs and star linebackers being out will not only affect a team’s ability to control the game, it can also wreak havoc with the overall confidence and mentality of the team ahead of the game.

Division Rivals

Generally when we see upsets in the NFL it is when there is a game contested between two sides in the same division. These franchises play each other twice a season which gives them a great chance to learn more about their opponents. Furthermore we often see poorer teams dig that little bit deeper when a division rival is coming to town, which can mean that any form goes right out of the window.


When you are studying form it is vital to drill down into the fine details. For example if a team scores 40 points the week before, it doesn’t necessarily mean that their offense is hot, you need to look at how those points were scored. Was it individual defensive errors which gifted the offense the points? The same goes for all plays across the pitch and you need to understand these details to make the best assessment.

Keep these tips in mind next time that you place bets on the NFL.