For many people, the business of online gambling is a bit of a mystery. You may be simply playing for fun, and any wins are a welcome windfall. But what really are the odds of winning when you play live craps online, or any other popular casino game? What are the games that give you the best chances, and are they different to playing in a land casino? We’re going to delve into the tricky issue of casino odds, so that next time you are hunting for the best online live casino, you can be fully informed on how to enhance your prospects.

Casino Odds Explained

The first thing to note about the odds offered by Canadian casinos such as is that they don’t exactly match up to the true probability of a particular outcome. This is because of a built-in mathematical advantage to the casino, expressed as a percentage, known as the house edge. The lower the number, the better it is for the player and the less advantage the casino has.

Games with a low house edge include blackjack, and this can be lowered even further with some strategic play. Online live casino and RNG blackjack games typically offer a lower house edge than a land casino, something that is made possible by the sheer number of customers playing. So, if you’re playing at a live casino online, you already have a slight advantage. This goes for other games offered as well, and most online casinos will provide information about the house edge of various games.

What to Play

We’ve looked at craps, but what about the most popular of the online casino games, the slots? Even if you play in the best online live casino, the chances are you’ll want to spin the reels at some point. Slots differ from table games, and here what you need to look for is the RTP – return to player. This is a measure of the percentage of bets throughout the casino that are returned to the player, and unlike the house edge, the higher this number is the more likely you are to win.

Slots are of course governed by chance and the random number generator, and as such there’s not much you can do to improve your chances of winning at any given game. But you can choose to play smart and only go for slots with an RTP of 96% or more. Progressive jackpot games are also worth a try if you are interested in serious wins in return for small bets. The jackpot is pooled between players of the slot within the casino, and in many cases several online casinos are networked so that the prize pool grows rapidly to eye-watering amounts.

What about Live Casino?

These days, a growing number of online casinos are embracing live dealer online games. Here you’ll interact with a real live dealer through your screen, and crucially the outcome is not dictated by the random number generator, but rather in the old-fashioned way – by the dealers themselves. This adds an air of authenticity that can’t be truly replicated by even the most sophisticated video poker or RNG blackjack game. However, when it comes to the odds, there’s no particular advantage to playing online casino live versus their simulated counterparts.

Conclusion – Can You Beat the Odds?

If there were a magic formula guaranteeing that you would come out on top every time, even the best online live casino Canada would struggle to stay in business. Naturally, the casino always has something of an advantage, but if you can’t beat the odds you can at least shorten them. Play a low house edge game like blackjack, and learn some basic strategy to improve your chances. Only choose to play slots with a high RTP. And finally, remember that you have more likelihood of winning online than at a land casino.