Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice received mixed to negative reviews in theaters (like ours), but director Zack Snyder promised we’d see more of the film in an extended cut that would flesh out some of the rushed scenes in this superhero fight-fest. The new R-rated cut is 30 minutes longer, checking it at over three hours.

Today, we got our first glimpse at the special edition as a trailer hit the internet.

In the trailer, we’re shown Superman in his Clark Kent persona talking to an unknown new character about finding Batman.

“He’s angry and he’s hunting.”

Angry and Hunting

Is it in Ben Affleck’s contract that he has to do a shower scene in every movie he appears in?

Affleck shower

More footage of Anatoli Knyasev and his crew are shown. Snyder has said in past interviews that the man killed during their scenes was in fact Jimmy Olsen. I’d expect his story to be more fleshed out in this cut.


Here’s Knyasev gleefully looking on as Superman goes on-on-one with a missile.


Jena Malone, who’s playing Barbara Gordon, a.k.a. Oracle, was entirely cut out of the theatrical release. She appears in the trailer giving a pep talk to Lois Lane.


A grim Alfred tells Bruce (assumedly), “So falls the House of Wayne.”


Here’s an unknown woman telling Clark that Superman (I believe) can be stopped with a fist.

unknown woman

As somebody who wasn’t crazy about Batman v Superman, I’m cautiously optimistic the Ultimate Edition will flesh storylines out and add more wallop to the brooding story. 30 minutes isn’t spare change. Hopefully, the new cut can give fans of the both Batman and Superman the story they deserved.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition will be released digitally June 28 and on Blu-Ray and DVD on July 19.

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