Destiny 2 is a game that has quite an exciting storyline and many interesting missions. Therefore, years after its release, it remains at the top of the most interesting games.

However, it can be quite difficult for beginners to play it, so many use destiny 2 boosting, where professional players help level up accounts, complete missions, and daily activities, as well as get exotic items, weapons, and much more.

Beginners like to explore the world of Destiny 2. Bungie introduced many different mechanics and events into the game, which will take you more than a dozen hours to study. In this article, we have collected for you some simple tips on how to get used to this amazing Destiny 2 world faster.

Did you see the Flag? Use it

Open events are marked on the map with a characteristic icon, and in the game world, there is a worn flag on the place of the event that has not yet started. If you stand next to it, then your Guard will have a stock of cartridges restored and a Supercharge will roll back. This a great opportunity to replenish ammunition before the start of the event or simply restore the Supercharge.

The details of the task are described in the navigation mode

In the main game interface of Destiny 2, current tasks are often described very briefly and vaguely. Where to run and what to do? It is enough to activate the navigation mode of your Ghost: here the goals and requirements of the task are described in much more detail – it immediately becomes clear which Fallen ones need to be killed and from whom the target items fall out.

There is a bonus for the first trip to the Lost Sector every week

Every week you can get a small but nice bonus. The first passage of the Lost Sector in a week will reward the Guardian with better loot than usual. There are rumors that even an exotic engram can get caught.

Empty boxes are not an accident

Have you successfully collected the loot from the placed boxes, but at some point new boxes began to open empty? This is not a bug, but a feature: in Destiny 2 there is a restriction that prevents non-stop farming.

In five minutes, you can get loot from only four randomly appearing boxes – the rest will be empty. The same applies to regional resources. There is also good news: this restriction does not apply to boxes that appear after passing a Public Event or killing Important Targets.

Ghost Shells have useful effects

In bright engrams, additional shells for your Ghost may come across from time to time. It is worth paying attention to the characteristics of the new shells: they not only change the color of the Ghost but are also able to provide it with additional features.

These can be bonuses to the experience gained in the Crucible, illumination of nearby chests, additional reputation tokens in a certain region, or something else. Do not forget to change the shell when flying to another planet or before going to PvP.

Modifiers are important

We are ready to bet that you either spray all the modifications found, or simply do not pay attention to their existence. However, even outside of endgame content, modifications can seriously make life easier.

Take a close look at what mods you managed to accumulate during the passage. There will certainly be useful modifications in the inventory – for example, reducing the recoil of your favorite kinetic or energy weapons. This a great opportunity to simplify your life.

How to farm bright engrams more efficiently

The bright engrams of Tess Everis are full of interesting objects. After reaching level 20, you will receive such an engram every time you fill in a special orange scale with experience, replacing the usual experience counter. This process can be accelerated. You will need a Battle Group Medallion – a special item sold by the same Tess Everis. After activation, this medallion increases the amount of experience you and all players in your group receive for 4 hours. Turn on the medallion and go to Public Events – it’s easier than farming Raids or a Crucible. You can even make Public Heroic Events.

The medallion is bought for Bright Dust, a special currency obtained by spraying objects from bright engrams. If you are lucky, then from the next engram you will drop a shell for a Ghost, forever increasing the amount of experience you get.

Take a look at the engrams

Are you aware that you can look in advance at the list of items that fall out of certain engrams? The “Information” button allows you to admire the future production: all vendors offering engrams have it. Unfortunately, it is impossible to know in advance which items you will get.

Look at the literary description of the equipment 

Have you obtained legendary or exotic equipment? Most likely, a part of Destiny 2 laura is attached to it. Open the information about the subject and see if it has a “Show knowledge” button. If there is, look inside.

Video games today are an incredibly compelling and thrilling kind of amusement.  Currently, individuals of all ages – children, teens, and adults – play video games with the same fervor and excitement. Destiny 2 is a game of this kind (it has an 83 rank on Metacritic). The landscapes here are diverse and intriguing, and the game world is fascinating and enjoyable to explore. The user has been treated to gorgeous scenery thanks to enhanced visuals and lovely textures. The player also participates in active engagement with other players in conjunction with everything else. The game boasts a robust PvP mode that will appeal to MMO aficionados. Therefore, if you have not played this game before, then you should try it.