EA Sports Madden on big screen Feb 9, 2022; Los Angeles, CA, USA; People play EA Sports Madden 22 video game at the Nike store at the Grove. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If you’ve spent the time to build up a franchise legacy on EA’s Madden 23, you might want to go check and see if it’s still there. There’s a decent chance that it’s now gone forever.

According to The Gamer, EA has said that 60 percent of the franchises saved in cloud data for Madden 23 will not be recovered following a server outage that left players unable to get in between December 28 and 29. The studio is predicting that they’ll be able to salvage only about 40 percent of the data that was lost.

EA posted a statement of its own about the outage, confirming the bad news.

“First off, we are sorry that this happened. We know how important your franchises are to you and we are actively working on a fix to restore some files via a backup as soon as possible,” said the statement. “However, not all affected leagues can be restored. The team is currently projecting around 40% of leagues to be recovered. We will communicate an updated timeline next week around the potential restoration of save files from a backup.”

No offer of compensation or recompense was made in the statement. Players are being encouraged to start a new franchise if theirs has been lost. As you can imagine, that’s not sitting well with a lot of people who put in hours upon hours to build their franchise legacies.

“So basically just letting us know all of our hard work is flushed down the drain thanks! Are you guys going to compensate us that won’t be able to get our stuff back?” asked Ty SBE.

“Madden has been trash for like 15 years. Y’all stop buying it so something will change,” wrote 105.3 The Fan’s Bobby Belt.

“This is an atrocious look,” added Secret Base’s Kofie Yeboah.

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