This brought back some great memories. No, not that Family Guy used to be good, I mean playing TECMO Super Bowl when I was a kid.

On last Sunday’s episode, Peter, Quagmire and Joe are playing TECMO Super Bowl because in Peter’s mind, their friend Cleveland was hanging out with someone else and might come back if they play since “Cleveland loves TECMO Bowl.”

FYI: Not to be a TECMO Bowl nerd but that is actually TECMO Super Bowl because they are playing 11v11 in the video and TECMO Bowl only featured 9v9.

But anyway, this brought back the kinds of memories of playing TECMO Super Bowl when I was a kid. The struggle to get to play as the LA Raiders and play as Bo Jackson was real because it was a universal fact that nobody matched Bo Jackson’s skills on TECMO Super Bowl. He was clearly the best player in the game and Peter was smart enough to grab him before Quagmire did.

Quagmire played as the San Francisco 49ers which wasn’t a bad choice but no match for Bo and the Raiders. Quagmire complaining that Peter was “cheating” by having Jackson and the ability to run around and troll him sounded like something I would say if I had to play against the Raiders.

Joe wasn’t playing but was there to try and “help” Quagmire and to give facts about Bo Jackson, like his baseball career with the Kansas City Royals. Joe did have a point, if Quagmire ever switched to a different player than defensive end Garin Veris, he may have had a better chance at tackling Jackson but it still would’ve been tough.

After threatening to “reset the game,” another move I could see doing, Quagmire keeps the game going and Peter finally scored a touchdown after running down the entire quarter. All in all, a brilliant reminder of what we all did when we played TECMO Super Bowl on Nintendo when we were younger.

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