The adventures of “Florida Man,” America’s favorite superhero, are now crossing over with the adventures of the intrepid Pokemon Go player, on the hunt for rare Pokemon wherever they can be found. This story isn’t the happiest though, as most stories with Florida Man tend to be.

Flagler County Sheriff’s Deputies are investigating a shooting at a house in Palm Coast which reportedly involved the homeowner shooting at two teenagers who were playing Pokemon Go outside.

The homeowner woke to a loud noise Saturday morning and saw a white car with brake lights on in his driveway. Because this is Florida, he took his handgun with him as he investigated the scene. He apparently heard someone say, “Did you get anything?” which can be taken many ways, and then the homeowner stepped in front of the car.

After the car accelerated towards him in the road outside his house, he fired shots at the car as it sped away. Later Saturday morning, the police received a call from the parents of a 19 year-old from Palm Coast who said their son and a 16 year-old were shot at while playing Pokemon Go.

The teens weren’t injured and since the car wasn’t damaged, they thought someone was trying to scare them and didn’t report what happened to the police.

Two pieces of advice:, first for Pokemon Go players: don’t go onto the driveway or near someone’s driveway in the middle of the night playing the game because most people aren’t going to think that immediately when they see people outside their house early in the morning. And for homeowners or others who may see this: it’s not the proper time to use a gun and shoot at teenagers or anyone. Figure out the situation first.

So ends this installment of the adventures of Florida Man, America’s favorite superhero and enterprising Pokemon Go players. Stay tuned for the next episode which is likely going to be here soon.

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