Ken Griffey Jr

The Kid is Back…back in the fold of Major League Baseball video games, that is.

No, he isn’t bringing back Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball. Instead, he is joining forces with arguably the best MLB video game series of all time.

After a long time of not licensing his name or image for use on MLB video games, Ken Griffey Jr. has put his name and image squarely on the 2017 edition of PlayStation hit MLB The Show.

Not only will the game feature Griffey Jr. on the cover, it will have four different editions available. You’ll have the standard edition with The Kid on the cover, an MVP edition, a crazy Hall of Fame edition, and a digital deluxe edition with all sorts of online goodies.

One may be interested in the quick upgrade to the MVP edition, with its sweet cover skin:

The Hall of Fame edition will include a sweet set of extras that plenty of fans will want to get their hands on (via Pastapadre).

The MVP Edition of the game will go for $70 and include 5K Stubs, Gold Season Starter Pack, Sponsor Pack, 10 Standard Packs, limited edition steel book, and PS4 themes for every team in the league. The Hall of Fame Edition will be $100 and include a New Era Hall of Fame Edition hat, LE steel book, Diamond Dynasty Starter Pack, Gold Season Starter Pack, Sponsor Pack, 10 Standard Parks, 11K Stubs, and all the PS4 themes.

However, those who want to get their hands on that edition are going to have to get in line at the local GameStop to make that happen, according to the PlayStation release.

It will cost fans a bit of extra cash, as in a cool $99.99 to get the Hall of Fame edition, but given Griffey’s return to the world of MLB video games, it may be worth the pretty penny.

So, save up your pennies and dollars because the game will be released in March of next year.

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