Michael Jordan golfing Photo: 2K Sports

The GOAT of basketball is joining the GOAT of golf for the newest PGA Tour video game. Tiger Woods will be on the cover but it was announced that Michael Jordan will be a playable character in PGA Tour 2K23.

Coming out October 11, those who preorder the standard edition or buy the deluxe or Tiger Woods edition, will also get Jordan. MJ isn’t a professional golfer by any means but he is an avid golfer. Jordan is a notorious gambler on the golf course but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that there will be no gambling in the game. So while your MJ golfing experience won’t 100% be realistic, it’s still pretty cool to play as him in the game. Jordan is also on one of the covers for NBA 2K23 so it’s smart for 2K to get some cross-promotion going with one of the best.

This will be the first PGA Tour video game since 2020, which was the first PGA game under the 2K umbrella. In between that time, 2K entered an agreement with Tiger to be an executive director and consultant on the game, and this 2K23 edition will be the first game that has had Tiger’s input.

Along with a number of men and women pro golfers to play as, and 20 licensed courses, there will be a Topgolf mode. Maybe that’s where Tiger and Rory McIlroy got the idea for this one-day stadium event.

[Engadget/Photo: 2K Sports]

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