For a good while now, sports fans have been inundated with sports-themed games to get stuck into. Arguably the most dedicated consumers on the planet, fans of sports regularly endorse products related to their much-loved teams, be it through the purchase of season tickets or merchandise. Additionally, fans of sport play games dedicated to it, particularly soccer supporters who have been treated to a number of iconic releases over the years.

Whether it’s in Major League Soccer or in a soccer hotbed, such as the UK, fans of the beautiful game have made the most of a number of enhanced soccer games in the modern environment. With gaming now reaching new heights, soccer-themed games, such as FIFA, have achieved notable success in recent times. For example, Electronic Arts’ aforementioned release managed to break all records, with the 2023 instalment of the game surpassing lifetime sales of FIFA 22 and becoming the most successful launch in franchise history in the process. 

The rise of online gaming 

It certainly comes as no surprise to see FIFA, alongside a whole host of other games, continuing to attract soccer fans. The game’s online gaming package is a particular favorite, with fans striving to create the most formidable ultimate team in what is an online gaming masterpiece, alongside a range of other great online options. 

Gamers are certainly accustomed to exploring online gaming products anyway, such as social casino games, online mobile products, and even online crypto slot games that offer an appealing and immersive experience after partnering with award-winning casino software providers. Popular casino titles, such as the hugely entertaining Wanted Dead or A Wild and games with a nostalgic feel like Starburst, appeal to many online gamers, while releases in other areas with bustling competitive communities, like Fortnite, also stand out. 

FIFA’s products rival these other leading online options, with soccer lovers able to play against rival supporters, climb the rankings, and enjoy a fun and competitive game that is based on something they adore. 

The other leading soccer games 

While FIFA does tend to hog the limelight somewhat, given the popularity of the sport, it isn’t the only option that is being explored by football gaming audiences. A game that puts fans in the position of managers, Football Manager 2023 is another favored product that offers immense detail.

Sports Interactive’s title is so popular that it has been hailed as the most realistic football game ever, with gamers everywhere enjoying arguably the most accurate football management game that has ever come to the fore. 


Other go-to titles include Top Eleven, Rocket League, Ultimate Soccer Manager, Head Soccer by La Liga 2023, Dream League Soccer 2023, eFootball PES 2023, and Kevin Tom’s Football Manager. 

Fans can even experience VR releases 

Given the innovative climate we live in, games in this sphere are only going to get better and better, too. Even now, as VR gaming continues to gather momentum, VR-themed soccer titles are enabling fans to step onto the field from their living rooms. 

A truly immersive experience, all fans need is a popular VR product, such as a Meta Quest 2, and a wealth of football-related escapades can be explored. Popular VR games include Be Your Best, Final Soccer VR, and BeFootball SuperPlayer, although more titles will surely be released in the near future. 

Overall, fans of soccer have always had a plethora of products to sample but they’re more advanced now than ever before. As soccer fans show on a weekly basis in the stands, they’re always willing to back their favorite teams and endorse most products that are related to the biggest sport on the planet. Luckily, for fans of competitions like England’s Premier League and the MLS, the extensive selection of great soccer-related video games is only going to get better.