In the world of video game collecting, there are a handful of items on every collector’s ultimate list. A copy of the cartridge for the Nintendo World Championships is one of the rarest items few are fortunate to have their hands on. A copy of Stadium Events is also in that category, but if you have at least $42,000, you may be able to get your hands on a complete copy that comes sealed in the box.

After a deal to sell the game on eBay was left without a payment being made (likely due to some random eBay user driving up the auction sale with no intent to ever pay for the auction item), a private deal was reached to sell a sealed copy of Stadium Events for $41,977, according to Kotaku.

The legend of Stadium Events is familiar to anyone who has stayed in touch with the video game collecting market over the years, but for those unfamiliar with what makes this game so sought after, here’s a quick rundown of the game’s legacy.

Bandai released the track and field game that used the Power Pad accessory. But the game was pulled from shelves after a very brief time in stores and rebranded as World Class Track Meet, which would be used as a pack-in game along with Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt for the Nintendo Entertainment Systems that came packed with the Power Pad along with the Zapper light gun accessory and two controllers. In a world where rarity drives up the value in rapid fashion, the few copies of Stadium Events left from before that branding change have become more and more valuable over the years.

For some, the pursuit of obtaining a copy of Stadium Events is a lifelong mission. It does not happen cheaply barring incredible luck. But even then, a loose copy of the game can still cost more than any game probably should. Loose cartridges of the game have gone for $10,000, and opened copies with a box and instructions can do go for double that. But this particular copy was not only complete, but unopened from the shrinkwrap. That is an incredible find for collectors.

Now, if only Nintendo would release a second version of the NES Classic with this title on it…


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