The moment we learned of the plans to build a Nintendo-themed park, the first thing anybody probably wanted to do was some real-life Mario Kart. It appears those wishes may be granted, if some early details are any indication.

Nintendo and Universal are combining their efforts to build a collection of attractions for the Nintendo fan in Universal’s parks in Orlando, Hollywood and in Osaka, Japan. And now it looks as though we have a formal name for the park: Super Nintendo World. The likely name for the park was unearthed in a trademark filing by

It’s a solid name, no doubt. It was unlikely Nintendo and Universal would name the park after WiiU game Nintendo Land, but it would have also fit. But Super Nintendo World sounds like a good fit for the new section of the Universal parks.

Nintendo has previously teased the plans for their attractions and suggesting the idea of feeling like you are stepping inside a world created for their hit franchises. The trademark filings hint at some of the attractions that will deliver on that promise. Most notable among those details is “management or arrangement of kart racing” and “management or arrangement of motorcycle events” and “other events with vehicles.”

Now, this could mean any number of things., but the specific reference to kart racing can really only mean one thing. We’re about to get a chance to do some Mario-style kart-racing. We may not get blue shells to track down whoever is in first place or banana peels to drop behind us on the track, but it is no secret how big of a hit the Mario Kart franchise has been for Nintendo. Nintendo just released a deluxe version of Mario Kart 8 on the Nintendo Switch, and the Mario Kart franchise traces its origins back to the Super NES. It’s as much a mainstay in the Nintendo library through the years as any other franchise.

Recent versions of the Mario Kart franchise have included motorcycles to the available vehicles to ride, but could the reference to motorcycle events mean we could be getting some sort of Excitebike-themed attraction too? Or perhaps a dirt bike stunt show with people dressed in Excitebike uniforms? And “other events with vehicles” could leave the door open for roller coasters or perhaps an F-Zero racing attraction.

I’m down for all of that. Let those imaginations flow.

Super Nintendo World is slated to be ready to open the doors in Osaka before the 2020 Olympics. The parks in Hollywood and Orlando will open after that.


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