Tony Hawk is 48 years old, but when he straps on his helmet and jumps on his skateboard, he doesn’t look like it.

On the 17th anniversary of becoming the first skate ever to land a “900,” when he was 31-years-old, Hawk pulled it off again. This time however, he was 48.

17 years older and yet Hawk still looks like he’s in his young 30s.

The first time Hawk pulled off his legendary trademark move was at the 1999 X-Games. What makes it so difficult, is that the skater has to rotate the board two and a half times while in mid-air. Before he first completed it, Hawk did struggle.

However, 17 years after he pulled it off, he’s making it look easy.

Here’s great video from the first time Hawk pulled off the feat:

Nowadays, the 900 is still unique, but it comes short of a more difficult move younger skateboarders have perfected, the 1080. This requires the skateboard to rotate another half turn in mid-air for three complete rotations.

Regardless of whether or not other skateboarders have surpassed the 900, Hawk seemed relieve to complete his trademark move one more time.

 “Spencer (Hawk’s second-oldest son) was there on my first one,” Hawk told reporters. “Now he’s [here] on my last.”

Naturally before and after the video was released, lifelong fans of Hawk went insane on Twitter.

After everyone began congratulating Hawk, he made a brilliant move and encouraged his fans to instead donate to his charity, The Tony Hawk Foundation.

According to the THF website, the foundation “seeks to foster lasting improvements in society, with an emphasis on supporting and empowering youth.”

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