If these two people are to be believed, someone would have been getting one helluva Christmas present if they hadn’t been stopped by police.

But these aren’t your regular drug runners, these people could be your grandparents transporting hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of marijuana.

California couple Patrick Jiron (80) and Barbara Jiron (83) were stopped in Nebraska on a regular traffic stop. Police noticed they had crossed the center line and failed to use a turn signal.

They also had 60 pounds of marijuana in the back of their pickup truck and that’s kind of tough to hide the smell. So a police dog searched the truck and easily found the drugs which had a vale of $336,000. When asked about why they had so much pot, the couple claimed they were heading to Vermont because “the marijuana was for Christmas presents.”

Obviously, transporting that much marijuana is a felony and both are currently in jail. I have never transported drugs of any size, much less 60 pounds worth. But I know that if I was, I would be following every law of the road, keeping my hands at “10 and 2” and not once going over the speed limit. I’d definitely be paranoid and it wouldn’t be because of the smell.

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