philadelphia-cow-nativity scene

Police in Philadelphia were a bit busy this morning, and it wasn’t necessarily because snow was falling in the area to cause havoc on the streets. A cow from a live nativity scene at a church escaped and needed to be escorted back to the seasonal display. But that was just the beginning. Shortly after being returned, it broke loose a second time.

Stormy the cow found an escape path from the Old First Reformed United Church of Christ in Philadelphia early Thursday morning. The cow was seen walking around nearby streets, and police were quick to spring into action to corral the bovine back to the church. Per local news reports, the cow was spotted near I-95 and even made its way into a parking garage. State police had to help get it off the highway.

The cow was eventually returned to its pen at the church, but somebody must have forgotten to latch the pen shut and lock it, because soon enough, Stormy was on the run once again!

Just when Philadelphia police thought they were done trying to get the call back to safety, they managed to have a laugh over having to herd the cattle once again before the morning rush hour began.

Stormy was once again returned to the pen, and as of now it appears the cow is staying put. Maybe Stormy just needed to go out and finish up some holiday shopping?

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