A plane that made an emergency landing just outside Quebec City.

For the second time in just over a year, a small plane has had an impact on Canadian highway traffic. Back in March 2019, a plane overshot a runway at Markham’s Buttonville Airport (near Toronto) and rolled across a highway, barely missing several cars. And Thursday, a Piper Cherokee plane made an emergency landing in the middle of traffic on Highway 40 outside Quebec City. Here’s that video:

While Highway 40 does run as far south as Montreal, the tweet is incorrect in saying this took place there; as per the CBC, this was in Quebec City. Here’s more from their story on this:

Around 10:30 a.m. Thursday, the pilot of the Piper Cherokee aircraft called the Quebec City fire department asking for permission to land on the highway just a few kilometres south of the Jean-Lesage International Airport.

Jean-Paul Daoust was in the parking lot of his nearby garden centre, Floralies Jouvence, when he say the aircraft coming down over the highway.

“I was pretty surprised,” said Daoust. “First time I’ve ever seen a plane on a highway, except in the movies,”

Fire department spokesperson Bill Noonan said the plane had already landed safely when emergency crews arrived on site. The pilot was not injured.

The landing was reportedly forced by mechanical failure. And it’s good to hear that no one was hurt, and that traffic was even only held up for less than an hour while emergency crews escorted the plane off the highway. But that’s still an incredible video, and something we don’t often see.

[CBC; video via @Lauthfee on Twitter]

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