Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton founded the National Treasury and the basis for this country’s financial system. That wasn’t good enough to cement his place on the $10 bill, as was rumored last summer that the Treasury Department was considering replacing Hamilton on the legal note with a notable woman from American history.

Turns out, thanks to a newfound appreciation for Hamilton following the success of the titular Broadway musical of the same name, he’s staying put.

According to Politico, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew will soon announce that the $10 bill will remained unchanged. However, President Andrew Jackson will be replaced on the $20 bill by Harriet Tubman.

Also, a new $5 bill will feature more civil rights era leaders on the back while President Abraham Lincoln will remain on the front.

Jackson is an easier face to remove given his lack of popularity and the fact that he drove Native Americans off their land during his presidency and during his time as a military leader. Jackson may still be on the bill in the future, even if he’s not the face as he is currently.


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