Depending on where you live, getting a package from Amazon could be a hassle. Packages are usually delivered during the day while people may be at work so that leaves some not-so attractive options. Either the package gets dropped off outside and you hope nobody steals it by the time you get home, or you could go to an Amazon locker to pick it up. Either situation is an inconvenience so Amazon is launching a new service called Amazon Key.

Amazon Key will allow couriers to unlock your door to drop off your packages. You’re probably way ahead of me thinking that this is the creepiest thing Amazon could do, and it is to an extent. But it is safer than just letting a complete stranger walk into your house to drop off a package.

The two main things you would need is a smart lock and Amazon’s Cloud Cam that is focused on the front door of the house. Oh, and you need an Amazon Prime account. The person receiving the package will get a notification that the courier is on their way with their package. And the lock is trained to unlock when the courier scans the barcode and it works with the residence. After a knock on the door just incase it’s not okay to enter, the courier opens the door and drops off the package inside the door while the person gets a short video of what happened.

So after hearing how it works, it’s not as bad as it would seemingly be. I would still have some trepidation. It also costs $250 for the lock, camera and installation so it’s going to cost you for this as well. But I guess it’s better than leaving a package outside.

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