In an attempt to fulfill a man’s sexual fantasy, two men with machetes snuck into a house with the agreement that they would tie the man up in his underwear and be “stroked with a broom.” One problem with that was the two men accidentally went to the wrong house and woke up a startled couple, who had no clue what was going on, and suddenly saw two men with machetes standing in their bedroom.

After apologizing to the freaked out couple for the misunderstanding, the two men were arrested an hour later and charged with “intending to intimidate while armed with an offensive weapon.” However, one of those men, Terrence Leroy, was recently acquitted after the judge ruled that evidence brought upon him didn’t indicate what he did was intentional.

Judge Sean Grant acknowledged that the case was unusual but because the original agreement had discretion and the weapons were part of the fantasy, it was all simply a misunderstanding with no harm intended to anybody.

According to court documents, the client who sought out these arrangements sent his address over Facebook to the two other men but later updated after realizing he sent an old address and had moved into a different house. Apparently, the men took the first address and that started all this confusion.

After realizing their error, the client was asking where they were and eventually showed up to the correct residence. The men were supposed to tie up the client and have “a broom handle to be rubbed around his underwear.” It’s unknown if that fantasy was fulfilled or not but court documents showed that the client cooked breakfast as Leroy “fell asleep on the couch” until police showed up to arrest the two men who entered the previous house.

I can picture this like some sort of TV-14 rated sitcom where the protagonists are sex workers who get caught up in simple misunderstandings at their jobs each week. That can be entertaining.

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