An axe throwing video from Urban Axes, which plans to open a location near Boston soon.

Drinking beer during or after playing sports has always been popular, from “beer-league” softball and hockey to bowling, golf and golf simulators to more target-oriented games like darts, cornhole and bocce. The latest trend along those lines seems to be axe throwing, which has become a giant thing in cities like Toronto (complete with national championships), Montreal, PhiladelphiaPittsburgh, Charlotte, Austin and New York. And now, it’s heading to Somerville, Massachusetts, a city just north of Boston. Jaclyn Reiss of The Boston Globe has more:

If you ever wanted to throw an ax at a big wooden target while drinking a nice, cold beer, then you might soon have your wish.

Urban Axes, a competitive indoor ax-throwing business that opened its first location in Philadelphia in 2016, plans to open a location in Somerville’s Union Square this summer.

The company had been considering opening a new branch in Boston, but ultimately settled on ultra-hip Somerville, although the exact location is currently being kept under wraps.

How does this work? Well, here’s more from Urban Axes’ website on “What is axe throwing?”

Urban Axes is proud to bring urban axe throwing to the heart of your city! The sport of axe throwing was invented about 5 minutes after the first axe was created, however it was traditionally undertaken in an outdoor environment, far away from urban environments. Our aim is to take axe throwing out of the woods and into the bright lights of the big city, by presenting you with … Urban Axe Throwing! 

Urban Axes currently has locations in Philadelphia and Austin, and they’re opening one in Baltimore this spring in addition to the one in Somerville. Their founder talks about the company’s origins and his goals in this video, which also involves some beer motivation:

It’s notable that axe throwing is having sort of a moment, with Jennifer Lawrence and Jimmy Fallon even trying it out on The Tonight Show last fall. No beers there, though.

And now those in Boston will be able to get in on the fun. No word on if they’ll post ESPN targets or not, though. Or cutouts of Roger Goodell. The possibilities really are endless.

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