It’s never good to be the guy who hurts himself celebrating in sports, but we seem to see it more in pro football than anywhere else.

That’s what happened to Nick Moore of the CFL’s B.C. Lions. In Saturday’s game against the Saskatchewan Roughriders, Moore was able to slip through for an easy touchdown on a corner route for a 31-yard touchdown, putting the Lions up in the game. But the play turned out to be a net loss, as Moore hurt himself on the celebration.

Jumping up to body-bump his teammate, Moore came down awkwardly, and tore his ACL:

The injury is unfortunate for Moore, as it will put him out for the rest of the season. ACL injuries are among the worst in sports, and can be very brutal to the future of any athlete. But he’s been very effective this year for the Lions. In four games, he had 15 catches for 205 yards and one score.

Moore has already had an injury-plagued past, but to get one on a celebration is very unfortunate. It definitely rings a reminder to Bill Gramatica’s injury in 2001 for the Arizona Cardinals after he made a field goal; that also was a torn ACL from jumping up in celebration.

Moore’s celebration was pretty routine, but it was simply one of those freak injuries that catches you at the absolute worst time.

[CFL Time/YouTube]

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