A man in Laredo, Texas has been camped outside Best Buy since Tuesday for Black Friday. So, 17 days early.

KGNS (Laredo NBC affiliate) spoke to the man, who is going to “watch TV, listen to the news and watch people pass by” over the next two weeks.

The man says he’s been coming up to wait in line for six years now and he’s usually the first or second person in line.

When we asked him what he’s going to do over the next 15 days he says, watch TV, listen to the news and watch people pass by.

Alright, so there’s probably more to this story.

The man could be homeless. He could simply be lonely and spoke in the video about these people in line being friends of his. Maybe he’s getting paid (I’d hope a lot of money, if so) by Best Buy to do this. There could be a number of reasons.

But it’s also possible that he’s really just that excited about being first in line to get Black Friday deals  (do you even need to get in line more than a few hours early these days anyway?).

And if so, well, hopefully someone introduces this guy to the internet. There are probably a few deals at Best Buy on Black Friday that are better than you could find now, but usually Amazon or Google Shopping can find you a pretty similar deal on a product. Or, at least a deal that isn’t so much worse than the Black Friday deals that it’s worth camping outside Best Buy for 17 damn days.


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