Grayson Powell was disqualified after his team won a bowling tournament because these pants weren't dark enough.

You didn’t think you’d be reading about youth bowling in Canada today, did you?

Well, neither did I. But one young bowling team is causing quite the stir. After 7-year-old Grayson Powell bowled the best score at a tournament in St. John’s, Newfoundland this past weekend, he and his teammates were disqualified because his dark gray/black jeans weren’t dark enough.

This situation has left plenty upset, including Grayson’s father. One of his biggest gripes centers around the fact his son was able to bowl in the tournament even though they didn’t believe his pants were up to the dress code standards.

Grayson took part in a 15-minute warm-up. Nothing was said. He then bowled three games — the best three of his young life — and nothing was said.

It wasn’t until he was lined up next to his teammates, ready to accept a gold medal for winning the just-for-fun tournament, that Youth Bowl Canada provincial director Gordon Davis pulled Grayson’s mother into an office.

Her son, who was wearing faded black jeans, was disqualified.

This strange controversy is rooted in a conspiracy theory (because this wasn’t already weird enough), according to Grayson’s father.

Davis also coaches teams out of a bowling alley in Corner Brook [also in Newfoundland]. The teams finishing second and third, who were bumped up to the top spots, were both from his lanes on the island’s west coast.

“He should be ashamed of himself,” the senior Powell said. “For [Davis] to go back to Corner Brook saying that, ‘We won a provincial medal’ — no. The three individuals that bowled on Saturday, they are the ones that won that medal.”

Davis ejected the Riverdale team to use the provincial win to bolster his own club, Powell alleged.

This is so darn strange, and I tend to side with the victims in this case. It seems like someone had an agenda here. At least we know that the places outside of the U.S. have crazy sports parents too. Welcome to the club, Canada.


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