The minds behind the adult card game Cards Against Humanity have gone to great lengths to market their game. Most notably, they have spent Black Friday doing things like having a sale by raising the price of their game, selling “nothing” or literal bull crap. Last year, over $100k was raised simply to dig a hole that was later filled up.

This time, Cards Against Humanity is releasing a women’s version called “Cards Against Humanity For Her.” But just because it comes in a pink box, don’t automatically think you’ll be getting something different. This is exactly the same as the regular version, complete with the same black and white cards. The only thing is that it comes in a pink box instead of a black box.

Oh, and there’s another difference, this costs $5 more than the identical original version.

In a genius move that follows their previous ideas, Cards Against Humanity is charging $30 for the women’s version instead of $25 pretty much to make a point about how women are still being treated. If some people still expect women to be paid less than men for doing the same job or pay more for healthcare, then it makes complete sense to markup the price of the women’s version of the game simply for the fact that it’s for women. Kind of shows how absurd some things are.

Like much of their funny attempts at skewering things about our society, there is an actual method to all this. Profits from these sets, including the extra $5 markup, will go to the Super PAC Emily’s List.

And if you already have the original version and don’t feel like paying for the women’s version, there is a “Period Pack” for $5 where the 30 cards were written by female staff members who were on their periods at the time.

[Cards Against Humanity For Her]

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