Look out dogs, because the cats are clawing their way into the biggest dog show there is. Yes, in an age where humans fight for equality, it seems the felines are getting a chance to strut their fancy stuff at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

You read that correctly. For the first time in the esteemed history of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, cats will be entered in a competition specifically organized for cat lovers. The introduction of cats to the dog show comes at the same time the show is introducing three new dog breeds to the competition Рthe American hairless terrier, the sloughi, and the pumi.

Does anyone really want to see a cat at a dog show anyway? Personally, I’m much more interested in watching dogs do tricks and stunts with frisbees rather than show off how pampered they are with their perfectly groomed fur and exquisite ability to prance around the show floor. Now we’re adding cats to this thing too? Everybody really does get a trophy, I suppose. Even cats.

Go figure. First, the cats got in on the Puppy Bowl, and now they are ready to try and steal the dog show too. But good for those cats out there. They also deserve a chance to shine on the floor of Madison Square Garden. That’s assuming you can actually get a cat to do anything on command, because as we all know, those cats are far more likely to live life on their terms.

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