Caitlyn Jenner was one of many big name people at the Republican National Convention who spoke on Wednesday. However, Jenner didn’t speak on the same big stage that Ted Cruz got booed off of.

Jenner instead spoke at a rally at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. While there, the Olympic gold medal decathlete explained her reasoning behind her Republican beliefs.

“I think the Republican Party needs to understand. It needs to know people who are trans,” Jenner told the crowd. “I’m here today, since most of you don’t know anyone who’s trans, to get to know somebody.”

She later added she’s always been conservative, but “coming out” as Republican was not easy.

“It was easier to come out as trans than Republican,” Jenner said.

Jenner then spoke about transgender issues such as bathroom laws. She stated she hasn’t been in a men’s room in a year and a half, but the issue doesn’t center on adults. Instead, it focuses on kids. Jenner added kids are coming out at much younger ages and that’s where the issue lies.

She added the rising suicide rate of transgender children is also an issue and called North Carolina a “bully” for its recent bathroom law.

“You’re creating laws for a non issue,” Jenner said. “There isn’t a problem here.”

At the end, Jenner spoke about Trump and his candidacy, but didn’t strictly state if she was pro or anti-Trump. Instead, she talked about what people need to stand for and work towards.

“(There) are people who are out there, who have been marginalized for so many years,” she said. “We need to deal with them properly. We need to be open about it, because it is about the kids, the next generation growing up. And we have to provide a safe environment for them.”

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