Costco has always been known for its free samples, bulk buying, and competitive prices. Now, for a couple in Minneapolis, Minnesota, it’s a pretty good spot to make some romantic memories.

Karine Tarshish and her fiance Dan Klamet took to the wholesale superstore to take their engagement photos. Tarshish states that they were inspired to do something different and out of the ordinary, and given the couple’s love of Costco and their constant presence in the store, it was the perfect setting to promote and celebrate their engagement in lieu of more traditional settings.


“Traditional photos seemed very awkward to us. In fact, we were not planning to take any engagement photos to begin with,” Karinne Tarshish told ABC News.

“Emmerlee [their wedding photographer] had offered to do a free engagement photo session, as we had already hired her for our wedding itself, so we figured we would do them (why not?). I had joked before that we should have our engagement photos be of something mundane, like shopping at Costco (which we do often), watching TV, or eating at a buffet. I thought it would be even funnier to glamorize those things.”

To that end, Tarshish and Klamet showed off the engagement alongside various mundane sections in Costco, posing alongside strawberry cakes, a giant rump roast, and Duracell flashlights. The couple has received a sizable amount of attention on the web, as their Costco engagement photos amassed 75,000 views within 24 hours on Reddit.


Tarshish and Klamet are set to be wed on October 15 in Edina, Minnesota. As of yet, there are not any plans or intentions to incorporate any Costco-related themes into their wedding. But with a less traditional couple like this one, who knows what kinds of Costco-themed surprises could make an appearance at their wedding.


[Yahoo!/ABC News/All photos by Emmerlee Photography]

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