A Denver-area woman found an apology note, two $20 bills, and half of a joint in her left side mirror as she was driving home on Sunday night.

Mandi Shepard noticed a scratch on her back bumper, before finding an envelope and baggie containing the apology items from the person that scratched her car.

Shepard told 9News (Denver NBC affiliate) that she was “laughing so hard” when she found the items.

“I was laughing so hard on the way home that somebody took the time to leave me a note and leave me money and half a joint,” Shepard said.

And here’s what the apology note said:

“Hey I am very sorry truley. I am such a dumbass. Please forgive me. Sorry 4 the scratch man.”

This is peak Denver, and even 9News poked fun at that. The story was featured on a 9News segment titled “The most Colorado thing we saw today.” The news anchor joked how it could be a contender for the most Colorado thing we see through 2018 as well.

Shepard found the items on her car at 5 PM, and we’ll assume they were placed on her car around 4:20 or so.


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