There are moose in western Canada, and they have been licking cars.

Police in Alberta have warned residents about moose that lick the salt off of cars, and advised those whose cars are victims to not approach this animal while on foot. Yes, it’s as crazy as it sounds. On the other hand, it can keep your car clean and not rust due to the salt.

Authorities advise that rather than try to scare it away in person that drivers use their horn or alarm system to scare away the moose. After all, adult moose can weigh more than 1,000 pounds.

Wildlife experts in the area have an explanation for this phenomenon.

Dr. Doug Whiteside from Calgary Zoo tells Global News that moose and other wildlife ordinarily get all the salt they need in their diets. “If there is no natural source of salt available they will find an alternate source, like the salt from the roads on vehicles,” he says.

While Whiteside tries to help us understand this situation, I want to know why there’s a lack of salt. Also, if your car was being licked by a moose, would you really try to scare it away? I would just laugh and take a video for social media purposes.


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