Over the years, we’ve seen lots of fans on the field across sports. There are streakers and protesters and drunkards and other categories of idiots. But we haven’t often seen someone do what a crazed fan attempted Monday at the darts World Championship Final.

Check it out:


He went for the trophy! World champion Michael van Gerwen was right about to take the trophy he had won, and the fan just snatched it.

Can you imagine this in another sport? Picture the Super Bowl-winning coach is about to grab the Lombardi Trophy when a fan rips it away. Or a champion hockey player is puckering up to smooch the Stanley Cup until someone dives on the ice to grab it from him.

The best part of this trophy-snatching was the utter lack of an exit plan. This guy made it two steps before being apprehended by security. Where did he think he was going to go?

Anyway, congrats to Michael van Gerwen on the world championship, and congrats to that fan for entering the annals of the boldest (read: dumbest) fans on the field we’ve ever seen.

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