Florida Man Flintstones car

In the never ending story of the world’s greatest superhero, “Florida Man”, there’s always something every day to talk about with the man who could run faster than a speeding bullet, leap tall buildings in a single bound, and leave his Flintstones inspired car illegally parked in Key West.

That last line is absolutely true, by the way. The city of Key West has been pleading for the public’s help in finding the owner of this “car”, which they had already red tagged. They wanted to tow the car and impound it (difficult to do with a car that doesn’t really have wheels, per se), but they couldn’t until they went through the process of finding its owner.

THE OWNER HAS BEEN LOCATED! Thanks to everyone …

THE OWNER HAS BEEN LOCATED! Thanks to everyone who helped on this! And thanks for all the funny remarks. This island is awesome! Correction: This vehicle cannot be considered abandoned without going through a legal process. Please help us find the owner! This Flintstone car is in front of 828 Emma Street.

Someone on Facebook did that job for them, and they didn’t release any names, probably because Florida Man doesn’t actually need to go by any other name.

Though I must ask, of all the cities in America, why would you have a mock Flintstones car in Key West?


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