A 25-year-old was arrested and charged with aggravated battery after being accused of attacking another man with a machete. The man who was arrested had a machete tattoo on his face. And of course, this kind of absurdity took place in Florida.

Justin Couch was arrested on June 15 for the alleged attack. According to a Facebook post from the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office, the victim told authorities that Couch started an argument “for no reason” and after asking Couch to discuss the issue outside, Couch produced a machete and told the victim to leave. The victim agreed to leave but he wanted to get his wallet and phone that was inside the house. That was when the alleged machete attack happened. Couch is being held on $10k bond.

The man who was attacked is reportedly unable to move his left hand. In the description, the victim was being struck in the “arm and leg” with the flat side of the weapon and he passed out when he was struck in the forearm after trying block his face from getting hit.

Couch’s tattoo cannot possibly help him in his inevitable trial. A man accused of using a machete as a weapon has a machete tattoo on his face? Sure, that’s not supposed to factor into how to rule in a jury but it’s all about appearances and that’s literally not a good look.

[Photo: Hernando County Sheriff’s Office]

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