As many people are adjusting their lives by staying at home or going out only when necessary, it’s important to stay busy and creative while at home. Andri Ragettli, a World Cup winning freestyle skier from Switzerland, decided to get creative and raise a bit of money for the World Health Organization for their COVID-19 efforts.

Imagining the floor is lava, like we’ve all imagined when we were kids, Ragettli jumped, rolled, and flipped around his house doing some pretty wild things like walking on a skinny window ledge outside his multi-floor house and juggling three rolls of toilet paper while riding on a hoverboard. The entire sequence is insanely impressive.

I’ve watched this a few times and I don’t think I could do any of what Ragettli did. I also wouldn’t want to walk on my MacBook even if the floor was actual lava considering how much I paid for it but that’s just me. Ragettli is donating one cent for each “like” to the WHO so feel free to give the clip a like and provide a little help.

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