As you maaaay have heard, it snowed a lot on the East Coast on Tuesday.

And as anyone who has every lived in a cold-weather climate can attest, there are many dangers of going outside during or after a big snowstorm. The roads could be icy, the sidewalk might not be plowed, maybe some telephone lines or tree branches could be down.

Oh, and you could be devoured my flying snow from the approaching Amtrak train.

The great part of this video is that because it’s in slow motion, it’s entirely apparent to us what’s about to happen to these poor innocent commuters, long before it’s clear to them. So, like in a horror move, we end up yelling “Get out of the way!” at our computer screens while that woman in the foreground gets swallowed by snow.

Maybe next time someone should plow the Amtrak tracks so the train doesn’t have to.

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