There’s scary, and then there’s being surrounded by a great white shark scary.

This type of scary was a reality for French adventure blogger Isabelle Fabre, who was recently kite surfing off the coast of Australia. While she is okay — and able to describe the experience on Facebook — this is terrifying:

Holy bleep. There’s no way I would’ve been able to hold my bowels with this shark swimming so close to me.

While a drone was serendipitous enough to get this all on video, Fabre was lucky enough to have dealt with a shark before. She explained the whole experience on Facebook:

She described her whole experience in a series of Facebook posts. She wasn’t sure at first what it was. She thought (hoped) that it was just a playful dolphin. “When it passed beneath me, I realised it was a huge Great White shark,” she wrote in a post. She decided that the time was right to head back to sure before she became a meal.

Fabre went on to say that this experience wouldn’t stop her from being adventurous again. It sure as hell would’ve stopped me. Props to this badass.


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